There’s a nasty virus going around, and it’s called….



Buttt, you don’t worry.  If you caught the bug, It’s totally normal, and the recovery time is short.  Doc says you’ll be back on your feet in no time.
The doctor is wearing a pink sparkly coat, duhhhhh.
Here’s the thing glittery gal…
Social media is amazing, wonderful and has allowed me to run my biz and grow it to great levels.  But, being on social media can sometimes bring up triggers and negative emotions.
You’re out there busting yo boootayyy trying to make your online biz successful, and there SHE is posting about how’s she making MORE money than you and making it seem so seamless.
SHE may even do the exact thing as you do, too!
Why can you bring in alll the cash, whyyy is she exactly where you want to be?
So, instead of getting out there and kicking butt, you’re slowed down and become obsessed consuming her content, watching her videos and hating her (virtual eye rolls) every time you see her.
Instead of letting these emotions slow you down, here’s what I want you to do:
1.  Know her journey is not the same.  What may seem like “overnight” success could be years and years of struggling, investing, and hardships.
2. Just because you do the same thing, and people buy from her, doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you too!! Why not?  Your stuff is sooo good!
3.  If she can do it, guess what dollface.. SO CAN YOU.  Use where she is at as motivation, inspiration and a kick in the butt and know that the universe is just confirming that people need what you BOTH do.  Because even though on the surface it feels the same, IT’s SOOOOOOO NOT!! No one can do what you do, they are NOT you.
So love, no matter what you are doing or selling… keep going.  The world needs you.
If you master your mind, you master your life.
Your mind and these thoughts are the only thing that is stopping you right now.
So, take a break from social media, unfollow that girl who is triggering you, and go out and share your gifts.
And, if you want more sisterhood, support and lots of biz love, make sure you’re in my fave online hangout- pop in today and say hiiiii.
SPARKLEPRENEUR TRIBE!   <—————– Let’s be friends 🙂