10k INSTAGRAM followers…sound interesting?

Well, it is if they turn into conversions… But JUST to HAVE them means SHIT.

Beware of the programs out there that teach you how to grow your following. A following means nothing.

Ask the person who is behind the program… “how many clients have you gotten from Instagram?” “How many daily leads have you gotten from your Instagram?”

I personally at @hollydiederichcoaching have 7k+ IG followers and I make $10k+ a month just from my Instagram. How???

Let me walk you through some of my key strategies that I have used to make money from my Instagram:

1. It’s alllll about the content, baby.

I use my client’s VOICE to build successful empires. I know what my client needs, and my content on ALL of my social media especially Instagram always talks like I would be speaking to that specific person. No matter what pictures you have, cool¬†hashtags, or daily posting; without a good content strategy that speaks to your followers like you are talking to JUST them you won’t make $$, honey!¬†


2. Your IG grid needs to express the REAL you

Your IG grid is like the book cover where that is the first impression that you are giving off to a potential follower. Make your pictures on your post exude who you truly are. For example, if you are a person that likes glitter then show it off but if you like grudge colors because thats what you normally where, then show that off! Be you. Check out my grid:

3. Your bio area needs to take them to the next step

Instagram is great and wonderful, but the most important part is directing your followers to a different place that allows them to connect with you better. Whether thats a Facebook group, an opt-in, or sending them to an upcoming training.. you have to direct them somewhere else so they can become not just followers but actual DREAM clients! Check out an example of my bio:


The key to making money from Instagram, and getting good quality followers is to focus on a really good content strategy everything else is just about revolving around that.

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