A lot of my clients are doing some pretty amazing things and killing it online. Hitting their biggest scariest goals, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, doing things for the first time like Webinars and Summits!!!

They are just like you.

The thing that they ALL have in common, is that they actually sell and put out offers!
Imagine that, right?
So what I teach my private clients and use myself for launching is this method I want to share with you today.  So go out there and apply it and make some money, honey!!!
Step 1:  Set launch GOALS ( 3 different ones: low, medium, high)
Step 2: Come up with 10 different ways to hit those goals (ie: 5 livestreams, 6 emails to my list…)
Step 3: Implement those processes based on when you’re inspired to do them and NOT forced.
Step 4: Watch sales come in
Step 5: Where am I with my goals?
Step 6: Adjust, tweak, assess where you’re at and what else needs to happen. Do not marry a launch plan!
Ready.. GO!
Sparkly lady, stop making this sooo hard. Overcomplicating doesn’t make your PayPal/Stripe account grow.