Instagram Masterclass

A 1 hour and 35 minute training to teach you how to dominate Instagram, and get CA$H along the way. 

In this jam-packed training I will teach you how to:

  • Use hashtags to get GENUINE followers and how to convert them into buyers
  • Get clear on your brand and your niche
  •  How to STAND OUT and get your brand visible
  •  Be consistent and create more content with LESS work (Sparklepreneurs work smarter, not harder)
  •  Use the power of your VOICE to spread your message and build your empire
  •  Get high-end well-paying clients


Sparkly Sales Ninja Training

Get this 3+ hour training on EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT online SERVICE BASED SALES and how my clients are closing sales calls without overwhelm, feast or famine months, or burnout. 

In this sparkly training I will teach you how to:

  • Sales mindset- how to get your tush on the phone and CRUSH your calls on repeat all while OWNING IT
  • Learn the fool proof method that keeps my clients booking $3k+ worth of clients on their own just after learning it once
  • NEVER have to worry about Booking Discovery Calls and consistently fill your calendar every month on rinse and repeat
  • Know exactly what to do and say when those sales objections come up and how to overcome them


It Girl Masterclass

Learn how I took my biz from 0 to over $100k in less than a year by using my voice and message.

In this glitter-filled training I’m giving you tons of golden information, like:

  •  How to build a strong foundation for your biz (so it doesn’t crumble when things get tough)
  •  Defining your ideal client and why it even matters for your voice
  •  Being the IT girl that people go to online in your niche
  •  Make your brand stand out like sparkly donuts at brunch when you’re celebrating your biggest month ever
  •  Find your unique voice and use it to attract your ideal clients
  •  Feel confident in your uniqueness and start showing up in a real way


Sparkly Content Sisters Masterclass

Learn exactly how to work smarter in your business so that your business works harder for you in my new masterclass, The Sparkly Content Sisters.

The Sparkly Content Sisters Masterclass will cover:   

  • How I run my schedule (it’s not run by my business) and do it all in 3 days a week!
  • Write content that speaks directly to your ideal client (“OMG she’s speaking to me!”)
  • How to plan out a year’s worth of content in LESS THAN an hour!
  • My system for knowing what needs to be worked on right now and what can wait
  • How to create content to book discovery calls that turn into clients ($$$).

Sparklepreneur™ 365

For the Sparklepreneur™ who is ready to take her business from mehhhh impact and blehhh income to build her empire using the POWER OF HER MESSAGE. 

The Sparklepreneur 365 course will cover:   

  • Identify your ideal client, in a deep and meaningful way (no guessing or wishy-washy answers here)
  • Use your ideal client to help guide every single piece of content you create so she’s obsessed with it
  • Use the content creation system to plan out your entire content for the next 365 days and say hello to more freedom in that schedule
  • Add CTAs (Call to Actions) to your content that get people signing up to your list, wanting to hire you, and actually PAY you for your awesomeness