Holly helped me hit my first $10K month!

Holly in general is so amazing. I’ve worked with Holly in so many ways I’ve done small things like courses and I’m also a VIP client.  I’ve come SO far since working with her and she’s helped me hit my first $10k month and since then get to  consistent 5 figure months in my business where I was all over the place before working together.  She has taught me her ways on how to work less and make more money and outsource and have more fun.  If you’re thinking of working with Holly you need to dive in and let her help you.  SHE WILL HELP YOU!”


Gianna Rackham

Holly goes above and beyond for her people!

“I have been working with Holly since July 2016 and I have taken 3 group programs with her. The programs are highly recommended and have no fluff. I was clueless before taking the Facebook Group Junkies Program and Holly’s program gave me action steps and made it simple to manage a Facebook group, live stream, manage my own commentary and generate more business. Holly also gave me a vehicle to spread my message and generate income. I highly recommend her programs and I feel closeness to her and believe she goes above and beyond for her people.”


Jessica Hetherington

Holly is magic!

“Holly is MAGIC. In just a few short days she helped me go from totally stuck in my own crap, to feeling held, supported and capable of finally moving forward. There is something about her voice notes that are so personal and connected, you know she is really talking directly to you not just saying some cliche thing she’d tell everyone. She is extremely wise, and having her on my side was unexpectedly powerful. “



Kathleen Ventura

I nailed my biggest contract yet!

I knew I needed Holly’s help when things just weren’t going my way in my business. I found myself severely undercharging for my work and therefore pushing potential clients away because they assumed my work wasn’t as good as other strategists. I had been having $8,000 months before Holly’s help but I was so overbooked because I was charging SIX times less than I should have been. Holly gets to the point with you and isn’t afraid to call you out when you’re making excuses, playing small or not valuing yourself. When I told her how much I was charging for Facebook ads, she had me nearly triple my rate with my next client and guess what? I nailed my biggest contract yet! Now that I have stepped into my power with Holly’s help and am able to charge my worth and I have no doubt that my income is going to skyrocket. I would 100% recommend that you work with Holly if you need someone to push you outside of your comfort zone, keep you accountable and make things happen in your business, FAST. I absolutely love that Holly believes in you 100% and doesn’t let you undervalue or doubt yourself. Holly doesn’t see limits and helps your think bigger than you ever thought you could.


Taylor Manning

I have taken on 3 new clients!

“Before working with Holly I was very unclear and uncertain.  One of the things Holly is good with is how to nail down my ideal client and so far in the past month working with Holly i’ve been able to grow my business and I have taken on 3 new clients!  If you are considering working with Holly, you should do it, she’s great. I love her personality, she fun and laid back but also stern and will tell you how it is. She’s not afraid to dig deep with you and go deeper into your business!”



Melanie Kernodle

Holly cuts through all the fluff

“Before Holly I was super overwhelmed and overthinking everything.  When I got on the phone with Holly she said, I help women get results fast, and I know people say that a lot and there’s always that skepticism and I’m here to tell you honestly it is true. She has a way of getting to the heart of things and cutting through all the fluff.”



Stephanie Williams

Everything feels so easy now

Working with Holly is so much more than working with just another business coach. Holly has changed my entire lifestyle. And finally made me realize my self worth.
Before working with Holly I was just coasting along in my business. Scared to be too visible, and way too shy to get on the phone with anyone. I was hiding in my business. I was mostly coaching people for free, and had only had one $1000 month.
Since working with Holly, I have become more confident, more in love with my business, and more free! Everything feels so easy now. I have clients I am obsessed with and I just had my first $4,000 month (in month 2 of working with her!!!!) I raised all my package prices and feel AMAZING about telling the world about it!!!
Holly is the beautiful, sparkly kick in the butt that everyone needs in their life and business.

Megan Seamans